About Us

Meet the BusRoads Team

Andrea and Brian are a married couple who both have degrees in music performance and education. Brian followed with a career as a Music Specialist in the Navy before becoming a trumpet teacher and registrar at a community music school. Andrea applied her musical background to the marketing and operation of domestic and international concert tours for large amateur ensembles.

The concept of “BusRoads” was born in 2002 when Brian and Andrea fulfilled a long-held ambition to travel around the US in their handsome, nicely restored 1974 VW bus. Departing from the Seattle, Washington area in the springtime, they rounded the states for more than a year, always preferring to aim their bus down the smaller highways (hence, busroads).

One adventure sometimes leads to another, as was the case during this trip when Andrea, an accomplished flute player, picked up her first Native American-style wooden flute in Arizona. The instrument’s enchanting sound inspired her to compose tunes throughout the Four Corners region of the American Southwest. The 24 tunes she wrote for places such as the Grand Canyon, Taos Pueblo and Mesa Verde are now published in book called “Four Corners”. With Andrea on Native American flutes and Brian playing an assortment of percussion instruments, the couple recorded the pieces on CD and has performed numerous live concerts.

Their lives now revolve around a combination of musical performances, further travels and the gradual improvement of their undeveloped acreage on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Stay tuned for updated adventures and offerings from BusRoads.