Adult Music Programs

About the Program

Blending together an engaging combination of musical performance and audience-directed discussion, the “Four Corners” program is both entertaining and informative. The musical pieces were inspired by the Four Corners region of the Southwest and evoke the spirit of such places as the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde and Taos Pueblo. Haunting and spiritual, or bright and urban, the tunes speak through the mellow voice of the traditional, wooden Native American flute. The beating of drums and the percussive sounds of various shakers and rattles provide a rhythmic accompaniment.

The Native American flute, which at one time nearly disappeared, is now enjoying a renaissance of popularity. Performers such as R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Mirabal, Mary Youngblood, Coyote Oldman and others have done much to enhance the recognition and appreciation of this enchanting instrument. “Four Corners” combines the delight of a concert with the education of a lecture and the casual interaction of a show-and-tell session. The appealing program style and charming musical portraits offer an uplifting performance that is fresh and distinctive. Audience participation in the form of questions and dialogue is encouraged. The topics of discussion are adapted to the interests of the listeners and may range from the history and construction of the Native American flute to descriptions of the Southwest sites that inspired the music. The instruments themselves often provoke the most questions. An assortment of different Native flutes are presented and the unusual percussion items are demonstrated individually. Instruments may be handled and tested by curious audience members.

Written Comments about the Four Corners Performance

“This was a beautiful program. Loved the explanations before each piece. You are a great composer! Please come again.”
—Resident, Madison House, Kirkland, WA

“Absolutely wonderful program. Very soothing, informative and professional.
Thank you so much.”
—Mary Ann Conway, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Alterra Sterling House, Tucson, AZ

“Thanks for taking us back to Bandelier, Santa Fe, Taos and the canyons, and then letting me touch each instrument. Beautifully done.”
—Resident, Rogue Valley Manor, Medford, OR

“Enjoyed it very much. It’s nice to have different types of music.”
—Resident, Ida Culver House, Seattle, WA

“Very interesting and evocative music. Thank you for providing us with a memorable experience.”
—Resident, Bear Canyon Estates, Albuquerque, NM

“Thank you!!! WONDERFUL.”
—Marty Smith, Activity Coordinator, Manzano del Sol, Albuquerque, NM

“It was hauntingly beautiful! You are an artist!”
—Resident, Bear Canyon Estates, Albuquerque, NM

“All music speaks to me but this has a special meaning.”
—Resident, Hundred Palms, Tucson, AZ

“Great performance! Very down to earth. Please come back again.”
—Margaret Garcia, Activity Director, Amber Lights, Tucson, AZ

“Once again I visited all those places.”
—Resident, Senior Living Systems, Los Lunas, NM

“Through the music the soul can peacefully soar or meander – always anchored by the gentle heartbeat (percussion). Thank you.”
—Resident, Hundred Palms, Tucson, AZ

“Enjoyed your music so much – lived in Iowa – Blackhawk Indian.”
—Resident, Bear Canyon Estates, Albuquerque, NM

“You brought us such joy! Thank you.”
—Resident, Las Colinas, Albuquerque, NM

“It was so much fun! It is absolutely amazing how you got the essential of Indian sound. I loved your representations of nature’s beauty in the different canyons. The spikes in Bryce Canyon, and the arches. Please come back. Thank you so very, very much.”
—Resident, Acantilado Vista, Rio Rancho, NM

“It was a great evening. Much of it was new for us. I sure enjoyed it all.”
—Resident, University House, Seattle, WA

About the Performers

About the Performers Andrea Matthews and Brian Rockholt are formally trained musicians and experienced travelers hailing from the Seattle area. They are university graduates in the field of music education and have lifelong backgrounds in professional music performance. Their artistic talents and amiable personalities result in presentations that are both socially enjoyable and of high musical quality. Andrea composed the “Four Corners” music during a tour she and her husband Brian made through the Southwest. Her skills on the standard silver flute and various ethnic pipes evolved into a passion for the wooden Native flute found throughout the Four Corners region. Tunes written as mementos of special places in the Southwest form a repertoire that she and Brian have recorded on CD and performed to positive acclaim in several states. Brian spent a career in the Navy as a musician, specializing as a conductor and trumpet player. As a performer he was called upon to play in a wide variety of styles. He now demonstrates his musical versatility on Native drums as well as assorted percussion accessories.

Booking Details

The duration of the “Four Corners” program is approximately one hour. The performance fee is modest and designed to fit most budgets. Staging requirements are minimal and the performance is well suited to an intimate setting. CD recordings as well as colorful books of the printed music featuring photos of the sites that inspired each composition can be made available for sale at the performance. Please contact us for further details or to discuss availability in your area.