Youth Education Programs

Featuring the haunting Native American flute and an array of percussion instruments, the Four Corners program skillfully blends instruction with entertainment, offering a musical and cultural enrichment opportunity designed around the abilities of the students and the goals of the school.

Each presentation incorporates short tunes inspired by the Four Corners region of the American Southwest along with spoken descriptions, visual demonstrations and student participation to create a memorable learning experience. Andrea Matthews and Brian Rockholt use their degrees in music education and lifelong backgrounds in performance to share information on making instruments, writing music and hearing differences in instrument sounds, as well as explaining the historical background of the Native flute. For special emphasis, the Four Corners program can be presented in conjunction with a classroom unit on Native Americans. Classes who create rhythm instruments as part of their preparation are invited to use them during the performance. The program is also coordinated with the school music specialist to assess and enhance the students’ musical training. Through sound, sight and participation, students gain unique ethnic and creative insight from the Four Corners Native American flute and percussion program.

Student Comments About the Four Corners Presentation 2nd/3rd Grade

“Dear Performers, Thank you for coming to our school. I learned that flutes come in many sizes. I enjoyed your music.”

“Dear Andi and Brian, Thanks for your music. I learned that you can make a flute from a bone. I liked the bone flute. I am happy that you came.”

“Dear Performers, Thank you for the wonderful music. I learned some of the best beats. I enjoyed everything.”

“Dear Performers, Thank you for cuming [sic] from Seattle, Wa . . .I enjoyed watching you play the flute and I liked the noise of the sea shell.”

“Dear Performers, I learned 3 things about the flute, I enjoyed the story, the goat nails and the songs. Thank you for coming.”

“Dear Performers, Thank you for playing the flute for us. I learned the 4 Corners are Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. I enjoyed the flutes.”

Teacher Evaluations

“I very much enjoyed the presentation and the beautiful, serene tones of the flutes. This kind of music encourages listening skills. I especially enjoyed the way they incorporated movement to pitch contour and geography! The musical elements of high/low comparatives and rhythmic partwork were very appropriate to this age group.”
—Elementary Music Specialist

“Your performance was a wonderful integration of music and social science. We appreciated how you related our study of the Shasta Indians and how they used their habitat, to the Indian tribes of the Four Corners area and that habitat. It was also great that you incorporated rhythmic patterns that our music teacher has taught the children. The audience participation allowed the children to play these rhythms with the instruments they had made. I thought you presented everything extremely well and at their level. It’s hard to believe it was your first time presenting to children! Thank you so much.”
—2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

“Excellent presentation. Grade appropriate. Beautiful flutes and great visuals. Would love to have you return.”
—2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

Booking Details

The duration of the “Four Corners” program is flexible depending on class time available. The performance fee is modest and designed to fit most budgets. Staging requirements are minimal and the performance is well suited to an intimate setting. A CD recording is available in advance to help prepare students for the program. Please contact us for further details or to discuss availability in your area.